Wiggly Loaf loves to win hearts and summer camp friends. He likes nice people because he often feels socially awkward.

Favorite phrase: Don’t get weird.

Favorite snack: S’mores

Favorite color: Black

Hey, Jay E Moores here. Being an arts and crafts instructor working with kids ages 8-15 since 1984 would never have been possible without my friend Wiggly Loaf to help me along. I found that leaving notes and signs with drawings of Wiggly Loaf helped guide my art students to do things like wash their brushes, clean up, and return materials to their shelf. Wiggly Loaf became the art room mascot and suddenly the kids were drawing Wiggly Loaf comics, posters, and making stationery. I even found a few who were painting Wiggly Loaf onto their high top sneakers. Because Wiggly Loaf was so well received over the years, I continued to draw simple Wiggly Loaf memes to post online with messages of belonging, feeling awkward, body image, and other social challenges that Wiggly Loaf must face daily. Wiggly Loaf celebrates positive thinking and helps people feel good about themselves. Wiggly Loaf knows how to have fun.

A few years ago, I wanted to make a mobile game of Wiggly Loaf, so I took a year or so to learn what I needed to make the game I imagined. The game goes all the way back to the beginning when Wiggly Loaf was a doodle on the chalkboard. Wiggly Loaf must get past physical dilemmas made up of geometric shapes, avoid stepping on flowers, and collect as many hearts as possible. Wiggly Loaf never quits and will inspire you to reach your goals. You can play now. Wiggly Loaf is available to download in the iOS App Store and Google Play. Don’t get weird, get Wiggly.

Meme Gallery – https://www.flickr.com/photos/jemtoy/albums/72157661908011047/with/33215378746

Wiggly Loaf on App Store
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Don’t get weird. Get Wiggly