• Happy Cac NOW!

    Happy Cac NOW!

    Help Wiggly Loaf avoid getting pricked by thorns. All you need to do is tap to hop over the Happy Cacs in this ridiculous HTML5 video game. Just tap the play button, and game will start. This H5P game should work instantly on pretty much all mobile smart phones, lap tops, Victrolas and 8 track…

  • Wiggly Loaf Tabletop Game

    Wiggly Loaf Tabletop Game

    Welcome to Game Dev 101. Here J.E.Moores demonstrates hyper casual gaming to the kids. You can tap on the video above and make Wiggly Loaf hop over the Happy Cac and the wee little Pumpkin. Don’t get weird. Get Wiggly.

  • Wiggly Loaf HTML5

    Wiggly Loaf HTML5

    You can play right now on your browser. Click the image above to play Wiggly Loaf HTML5. So I have been messing around with a HTML5 version of Wiggly Loaf. This is a playable sample that runs on any browser, phone, whatever you happen to be using at the time. For me, the journey has…

  • Happy Cac

    Happy Cac

    To play Happy Cac you must help Wiggly Loaf hop over each cactus and avoid getting poked by thorns. Gather up sunlight and while you are glowing, the thorns do not harm you! Collect hearts to attract more sunlight. Sounds crazy, right? It works like this. Win hearts, gather up sunlight, and then smash through…

  • Wiggly Loaf Nightmare

    Wiggly Loaf Nightmare

    Wiggly Loaf has been up all night watching Siren Head and Bridge Worm videos on YouTube, and yet wonders why he keeps getting crazy nightmares. Help the Loaf get through the endless maze of insanity facing all sorts of bizarre Trevor Henderson inspired creatures like Cartoon Dog, and Siren Head’s cousin Power Line. Wiggly Loaf…

  • Camp Wiggly

    Camp Wiggly

    It’s time for a crazy summer camp experience. Let’s get out doors and into the sun. All your friends will be there. Land Sports, Waterfront, Riding, Trips, AC, Theater, Bunk Life, Camp Fire, Maintenance, Kitchen and Song Meet are all here for the full camp experience. I was born in Maine, grew up in Maine,…

  • Wiggly Loaf

    Wiggly Loaf

    GAME RULES: Collect hearts to unlock levels. Build stairs, dig tunnels, hop platforms, and avoid stepping on the flowers. Unlock Wiggly Loaf variations and play the game with all new super powers. Oh yeah, try not to fall into the Pit of Doom! Howdy, J. E. Moores here. Sheltering at home with Wiggly Loaf has…

  • Mow Mow

    Mow Mow

    Mow Mow the Lawnmower – indie mobile game by the J.E.Moores Game Machine. Wiggly Loaf is so friendly even his lawnmower is his friend. You’ll love Mow Mow too. Have fun cutting grass and collecting coins. Mow Mow gets into lots of crazy arcade adventures and is available for Android on Google Play and iOS…

  • Minimog


    When I was a kid, this is how I imagined work. I wasn’t sure of the details, but I knew that my dad drove a truck and delivered stuff. I also knew that sometimes you don’t get there. Sometimes things go wrong and the boss gets mad. That’s all this game is about. Abusing the…