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GAME RULES: Collect hearts to unlock levels. Build stairs, dig tunnels, hop platforms, and avoid stepping on the flowers. Unlock Wiggly Loaf variations and play the game with all new super powers. Oh yeah, try not to fall into the Pit of Doom!

2020 Update: A ton of new characters to unlock and play. Here’s a little clue for you. Two of the new characters can destroy flowers creating an entirely different game strategy. Can you figure out which new characters have this wicked power?

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Wiggly Loaf In Space

Wiggly Loaf takes off into outer space in homage to all the great Science Fiction movies we all love. If you are a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, Blade Runner, and my favorite: Alien, there are lots of fun surprises for the classic Sci-Fi lover.

Although Wiggly Loaf is flying in a modern state-of-the-art rocket ship, he begins to have a few problems. First off, life support is starting to fail, so the ship’s computer asks Wiggly Loaf to fix the fuse boxes. Once Wiggly Loaf agrees, the computer also adds that the laser security system needs to be shut down in order to fix the fuse boxes. That sounds dangerous.

If that’s not bad enough a bunch of Alien UFOs attack the ship and begin abducting your friends and crew! Wiggly Loaf must battle the UFOs and rescue the ship’s crew. All in all, Wiggly Loaf In Space is one epic mobile game adventure.

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Mow Mow

I know it sounds weird, but it’s true. Mow Mow is a game about Wiggly Loaf’s lawnmower. You see, Mow Mow loves to cut grass and collect coins so he can upgrade to new lawn equipment and hire some yard help. Wiggly Loaf makes a special guest appearance with a leaf blower.

I had an idea about a game where you had to power up before you gather a coin or the coin would kill you. I thought it was an interesting idea that a coin was both good or bad. I got messing around with several ideas until a wacky lawnmower game came to mind. I thought it would be hilarious for a patch of grass to give Mow Mow about 3 seconds of power up. While powered up Mow Mow can gather as many coins as he can, and then has to cut more grass to power up again. Mow Mow has a little animated heart hovering over him when powered up. When the little heart goes away, avoid coins until you cut more grass. You have to think fast to avoid and gather coins. It’s a very silly mobile game. Mow Mow!

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Wiggly Loaf Snowball Battle

Wiggly Loaf builds a snow fort and snowball battles a Snowman in 1 or 2 player mode.

Player 1 is Wiggly Loaf who hides in snow forts and ice structures to avoid getting hit with snowballs. The goal is for Wiggly Loaf to collect all 7 winter holiday decorations found on the platforms before getting hit with a snowball.

Player 2 is the Snowman who throws snowballs at Wiggly Loaf. The Snowman can win in 2 ways. First by taking out Wiggly Loaf with a snowball or when Snowman has hit 15 gifts.

But that’s not all.

There’s a mini game. Here ye shall find the hungry BEAST of winter. Feed the Beast, as the lore goes, or winter will never end!

Don’t Get Weird ~ Get Wiggly.

Wiggly Loaf Color Wheel for Android now on Google Play
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Wiggly Loaf Color Wheel

Wiggly Loaf makes learning the color wheel fun in this educational game. Learn the difference between primary, secondary, complementary, and analogous colors through casual interactive game play. Put your knowledge of color theory to use in an action-packed platform game requiring lightning-fast decision-making skills.

Wiggly Loaf Color Wheel for Android now on Google Play
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About Wiggly Loaf

Uncle Wiggly Loaf
Turn out the lights, snuggle up by the fire, and let me tell you a story

There was once a weird little drawing on a chalkboard. A doodle. Nothing of any importance. However this weird little drawing had the power to make people smile, laugh, and feel, well… a little less weird. That is how Wiggly Loaf gets to our heart. Wiggly Loaf gives you the feels.

Now that weird little drawing could have been like any other doodle on a chalkboard, simply erased and forgotten, but no. Wiggly Loaf is fierce when it comes to love and leaps off the board refusing to fade away.

You will see Wiggly Loaf rise up, persevere, and live on. And not only that, you will see Wiggly Loaf risk it all for love. Find out more about Wiggly Loaf. But, uh please… Don’t step on the flowers.

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