Wiggly Loaf Game for Android and iOS

Uncle Wiggly Loaf
Turn out the lights, snuggle up by the fire, and let me tell you a story…

There was once a weird little drawing on a chalkboard. A doodle. Nothing of any importance. However this weird little drawing had the power to make people smile, laugh, and feel, well… a little less weird. That is how Wiggly Loaf gets to our heart. Wiggly Loaf gives you the feels.

Now that weird little drawing could have been like any other doodle on a chalkboard, simply erased and forgotten, but no. Wiggly Loaf is fierce when it comes to love and leaps off the board refusing to fade away.

You will see Wiggly Loaf rise up, persevere, and live on. And not only that, you will see Wiggly Loaf risk it all for love. But, uh please… Don’t step on the flowers.

Download Wiggly Loaf iOS game on the App Store for iPhone and iPad

Wiggly Loaf for Android now on Google Play

GAME RULES: Collect hearts to unlock levels. Build stairs, dig tunnels, hop platforms, and avoid stepping on the flowers. Final level you can unlock Wiggly Loaf variations and play the game with new super powers. Watch out for the Pit of Doom!

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