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Wiggly Loaf is... A message from J.E.Moores
Thanks for dropping by. Wiggly Loaf isn't here at home with us any more. Like all children, Wiggly Loaf has grown up. Wiggly is doing very well these days, out and about, going global, sharing many words of peace, love, and hope. The Loaf is on some sort of spiritual journey, and we, as good parents, support it. All Wiggly wants is for YOU to be happy, so share our memes and send us lots and lots of fan art and other Wiggly Loaf Sightings to let us know you're out there. Use our hashtag #wigglyloaf on Instagram to add your loaf to the mix. Oh yeah... Don't get weird.
Handmade Wiggly Loaf Plush Toys are available on the JEMTOY bigcartel shopping cart until they are all gone. I silk screened vintage fabrics, and once they were dry (and ironed to heat set the ink), they are hand sewn into little eight inch plush pillows. So many colors and designs to choose from. Which one is your favorite? Cuddle up with your very own Wiggly Loaf, each one unique and one of a kind. Wiggly Loaf Plush Toys
Wiggly Loaf News and Headlines
Wiggly Loaf functions as a visual status indicator within a smart phone app that notifies the home owner via WiFi when heating oil is low. The app allows the user to know when to order fuel without having to go down to check the oil meter in the basement.

The Rattler
Issues 1 and 2 of The Rattler have various Wiggly Loaf comics, Interviews, games, the Ask Katie advice column, and other contributions from Maddy Fink and friends from the Arts and Crafts room. The Rattler is available in PDF format below.
Rattler 01 Rattler 02
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