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Wiggly Loaf

Wiggly Loaf in face mask 2020
Wiggly Loaf for Android now on Google Play

GAME RULES: Collect hearts to unlock levels. Build stairs, dig tunnels, hop platforms, and avoid stepping on the flowers. Unlock Wiggly Loaf variations and play the game with all new super powers. Oh yeah, try not to fall into the Pit of Doom!

Howdy, J. E. Moores here. Sheltering at home with Wiggly Loaf has given us some time to update the original Wiggly Loaf mobile game. Together we have come up with some nifty new characters for you to unlock and play in the latest game update. Here is a rundown on what’s new for Fall of 2020:

  • Wiggly Loaf 2020: He’s got a little face mask, but it’s hard to keep it on with all that hopping and jumping about.
  • Space Loaf: This character is visiting from the Wiggly Loaf in Space game.
    Loaf Pod: This is a strange contraption also making a guest appearance from the Wiggly Loaf in Space game.
    Wiggly Pride: Wiggly has no rules when it comes to love. Everyone is included.
  • Wiggly Parade: Wiggly Loaf struggles with body issues and low self esteem. When he does feel good, he wants to flaunt it all over in hopes to lift others up too. Happiness is contagious!
  • Vote for Wiggly: Imagine the power of one vote. Vote for love. Vote for Wiggly Loaf.
  • Leaf Loaf: This leaf blower is originally from the Wiggly Loaf spin off summer time lawnmower game called, Mow Mow. Now he’s blowing leaves all over this game too.
  • Devil Loaf: He’s got a flaming pitchfork and he’s evil, but not too evil. More like a cartoonish Hollywood evil, not evil evil.

The 2020 Wiggly Loaf update is a free download for: Android, iOS, and Windows PC.

Wiggly Loaf for Android now on Google Play


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