The Wiggly Loaf Challenge

I love toys and games, so I figure, what could be better than winning toys while playing games – right? To give the Wiggly Loaf video game a whole new layer of real life carnival fun, I thought it would be a blast to offer Wiggly Loaf plush toys, laser cut Wiggly Loaf art, our nifty Don’t Get Weird pendants, stickers, original drawings, and other fun Wiggly things as prizes for a contest. The Wiggly Loaf Challenge is like playing a game within a game. Cool ‘eh? Wanna play? Of course you do! Wanna know how to win? Read more below ~

The Wiggly Loaf Challenge

Plush Wiggly Loaf Toys

Item up for grabs right now is: Wiggly Loaf Plush & Wiggly Loaf House

Top prize is the “Picnic Style” Buffalo Plaid plush Wiggly Loaf toy by J.E.Moores as seen in video above. These are silk screened by hand onto vintage fabrics and then sewn and stuffed. It’s totally soft, huggable, lovable handmade art. You want to get this in the mail for free. You want to get this in the mail for free and hug it to your face and squeal with joy. You know you do. And it could be you if only you take the Wiggly Loaf Challenge and win that thing.

Second prize, The Wiggly Loaf House is designed by J.E.Moores and laser cut on a Glowforge. The Wiggly Loaf House stands 4.5 inches tall. Wiggly Loaf is etched into clear acrylic and accented with a black rub of paint so the outline pops.

Wiggly Loaf House

Wiggly Loaf can hang out in different rooms. Wiggly Loaf’s feet peg into little holes in the floor of this house. This way Wiggly Loaf can stand in the doorway, on the second floor and balcony, and then take a rest in the top floor bedroom. Uh-oh! Wiggly Loaf fell asleep.

Shhhh… don’t wake the baby. (OK, I”m whispering now.)

The Wiggly Loaf House is a neat little play set, and it’s fun to play with and display. The only way to get any of these Wiggly Loaf toys, is to play and win the Wiggly Loaf Challenge! Shhhhhhhh!

Five Wiggly Winners will be chosen from those who complete the Wiggly Loaf Challenge ~ So get hoppin’!

Contestants must do the following to play.

  1. Follow J.E.Moores on Insta, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. (1 or all).
  2. Download the Wiggly Loaf video game to your phone.
  3. Play game until you unlock any Bonus Character.
  4. Make a short Video Capture of you playing the Bonus Character.
  5. Post video to your social media: include #wigglyloaf and in the description.
  6. To enter contest: Send us a link to your video using the contact form at
  7. Five Wiggly Winners will be chosen from those who complete the Wiggly Loaf Challenge!
Wiggly Loaf video game for iOS and Android

The Wiggly Loaf video game has several levels you have to unlock before you can get to the Bonus Character screen. To win the Wiggly Loaf Challenge you must be hardcore enough to play the Wiggly Loaf game until you unlock at least one of the bonus characters. Good luck and thanks for playing!

J.E.Moores and Wiggly Loaf

Laser Cut Wiggly Loaf Pendant

PS: Before we can send you free stuff in the mail all contestants under 18 need a parent’s consent before you give us your home address. Otherwise, your parents will be really freaked out when you start getting random weird things in the post from some old dude you don’t know on the internet. Just sayin’. Tell your folks you want to attempt the Wiggly Loaf Challenge to try and win some cool free stuff. That way they are in the loop. All prizes are handmade art intended for collectors age 15 and up and may contain small parts not suitable for young children. Thanks. J.E.M.&W.L. ~