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  • Fight The Weasel

    Fight The Weasel

    The Insecurity Weasel Hey kids, gather around and let old uncle Wiggly Loaf read you a bed time story. This is a good one. It might make some of you feel a whole lot better, and a few of you a little worse. Sorry about that. Let’s get started, shall we? Up in heaven where…

  • Introverts Need Love Too

    Introverts Need Love Too

    If I sit here long enough, will anyone notice I exist? No! Wiggly Loaf – No! You have to stand up. No one is going to come live your life for you. Don’t be afraid. Get out there, and spread some joy. Do something good for someone else. It will lift you out of yourself.

  • Extra Wiggly

    Extra Wiggly

    I’m usually willing to get wiggly at any time. Just ask.

  • Plush Wiggly Loaf Toys

    Plush Wiggly Loaf Toys

    Handmade Wiggly Loaf Plush Toys are available on the JEMTOY bigcartel shopping cart until they are all gone. I silk screened vintage fabrics, and once they were dry (and ironed to heat set the ink), they are hand sewn into little eight inch plush pillows. So many colors and designs to choose from. Which one is…

  • Garden Of Wiggly Delights

    Garden Of Wiggly Delights

    Hieronymus Bosch is a very wiggly name, if you ask me. It’s a lovely scene the Garden Of Delights, but I can’t take all that high pitch squealing! It’s best if you can’t hear it. I want to poke ’em with sticks and roast ’em like marshmallows, but that’s just me. Always up to no…