Category: short stories

  • Wiggly Loaf To The Rescue

    When you have trouble, let Wiggly Loaf help. Don’t get weird. Get Wiggly.

  • Yay Team!

    Yay Team!

    I’ve been thinking about depression lately. I feel surrounded. My friends are depressed. Heck, the entire country seems depressed. It’s rather overwhelming. Like you, I have always battled depression. I started feeling sad for unknown reasons around the age of twelve. Over the past four decades I have put together some insight to the pattern…

  • Fight The Weasel

    Fight The Weasel

    The Insecurity Weasel Hey kids, gather around and let old uncle Wiggly Loaf read you a bed time story. This is a good one. It might make some of you feel a whole lot better, and a few of you a little worse. Sorry about that. Let’s get started, shall we? Up in heaven where…