Fight The Weasel

Fight The Weasel

Fight The Weasel

The Insecurity Weasel

Hey kids, gather around and let old uncle Wiggly Loaf read you a bed time story. This is a good one. It might make some of you feel a whole lot better, and a few of you a little worse. Sorry about that. Let’s get started, shall we?

Up in heaven where all little girls and boys are made, the angels all take turns adding their special something to the mix to make you who you are. Each batch is unique and one of a kind.

However, when the angels are all done and go off to celebrate their good work, a very wicked critter sneaks in. It’s the Insecurity Weasel! Depending on how paranoid he is to get caught doing his nasty deed, he may sprinkle just a little insecurity, or dump out a whole lot! Jeepers heck, NO!

Some say God put the Insecurity Weasel to work because without something to hold us back, our ego would spiral out of control until we were all a bunch of Stalins and Hitlers! So every time a voice in your head says, “You can’t do that,” or “You’re not good enough,” remember that it’s only the Insecurity Weasel’s secret ingredient at work. You have to know it’s simply not true. You can do it! You are good enough!

All you need to do is refuse to listen to that stupid weasel. Many of us never believe we are beautiful, the best, or wanted. It’s that weasel that makes us feel that we don’t belong. It even makes us grumpy and mean to others. You can see how we have to do our best to ignore that negative stuff.

Moral of the story? FIGHT THE WEASEL!


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