mow mow

Mow Mow

Mow Mow the Lawnmower – indie mobile game by the J.E.Moores Game Machine.

Mow Mow Wiggly Loaf game
Mow Mow Wiggly Loaf for Android now on Google Play

Wiggly Loaf is so friendly even his lawnmower is his friend. You’ll love Mow Mow too. Have fun cutting grass and collecting coins. Mow Mow gets into lots of crazy arcade adventures and is available for Android on Google Play and iOS App Store for iPhone.

Each patch of grass gives Mow Mow a little heart icon for 3 seconds. Mow Mow can collect coins while that heart is there, but once it goes away Mow Mow must mow more grass to get that heart back. Mow Mow must mow grass, quickly collect coins, and get past each obstacle.

Spend your hard earned coins on yard equipment upgrades, and hire Wiggly Loaf helpers to grow Mow Mow’s booming landscape business. Click one of the icons below for a free download of Mow Mow. It’s time to mow the lawn.

Wiggly Loaf game
Wiggly Loaf for Android now on Google Play


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