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Camp Wiggly

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It’s time for a crazy summer camp experience. Let’s get out doors and into the sun. All your friends will be there. Land Sports, Waterfront, Riding, Trips, AC, Theater, Bunk Life, Camp Fire, Maintenance, Kitchen and Song Meet are all here for the full camp experience.

I was born in Maine, grew up in Maine, and raised a kid in Maine. I am typing this as I sit in Maine. When you read this, I will still be in Maine. I have helped run art rooms at summer camps since 1984. I’m old now, but I still love camp, especially camping in Maine. The kids keep me young, although they will probably kill me one summer… but I digress.

I have worked in the same art room for so long I now make art with the children of the campers I had in the 80’s. Some of them look just like their moms did. It feels like deja voo doo. Wiggly Loaf has been the arts and crafts room mascot for many summers, so it just made sense to make a summer camp game.

I have to admit going to camp is way more fun than this game, so this game is really for those 80’s gals who are all grown up now and no longer spend the summer in their Place of Joy. We miss each and every one of you. I hope this game brings camp closer to your heart. If you pine away for where the birches sway, this game is for you.

Go Blue! Go Gray! Just go. Go and play Camp Wiggly.

Available now at: iOS, Google Play and for Windows PC.

Camp Wiggly for Android on Google Play


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