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The kind folk over at Buildbox asked for a little information about their user base, but all I talked about was Wiggly Loaf. I sorta went off on a tangent, but I wanted to share what I wrote because I sometimes forget that most of the world doesn’t already know Wiggly Loaf yet. So this is a bit of the back story right from the heart.

Wiggly Loaf on iOS

Wiggly Loaf on Android

Jay Moores here. I am an arts and crafts counselor at a summer camp in Maine. I draw goofy comics with chalk on the chalkboard. Wiggly Loaf is our art studio mascot who is most often on our chalkboard saying things like, “Please wash your brushes!”

I’ve been teaching in the same arts and crafts room since 1986. Over the years Wiggly Loaf and I have seen a lot change. Attention span has changed. The staff I work with and the kids are all looking at their phone, or talking about a meme they saw on their phone.

Adults are always telling kids they are doing the wrong thing, but I try to not do that. I want them to know they can be themselves in the art room. I thought getting Wiggly Loaf on their phones would be a nice gesture. A way to reach out, meet them half way, and join them.

Buildbox allowed me to get Wiggly Loaf from the art room chalkboard onto iOS and Android without knowing any code. That act alone created a lot of inspiration from those who know me. The game looks like our chalkboard, and I left shout outs to my art room kids in the early version of the game. They were blown away, and then they provided me with more shout outs to publish on the game’s chalkboard to surprise their friends. It was awesome.

My job is not teaching arts and crafts. My job is to teach self esteem using art materials. Many of my students love the art room because they feel safe here. Their ideas are heard, and supported. If they mess something up, I always let them know they matter more than any wasted materials, and we move on.

Adults often forget and rant about how much stuff costs when they don’t see the value in the process of getting through failures. It’s that we move on and apply what we’ve learned from each mistake that is the process of success. In my art room Wiggly Loaf is part of that, because, “we don’t get weird, we get Wiggly”, and the kids love to be able to take a bit of this place with them.

If you were a kid who loved the art room at your school, church group, or camp, Wiggly Loaf is here for you. He’s so simple any one can draw him. He makes others feel like they can do it too. Wiggly Loaf frees them into believing they can make art because he is not intimidating. If he was complex and something no one else could draw, he’d lose all his appeal. Wiggly Loaf follows the keep it simple rule, and invites you to believe in yourself even if you’re not perfect. So much from so little! But that’s why it was so important to make Wiggly Loaf into a game.

If Wiggly Loaf can make it from the chalkboard to your iPhone, pretty much anything is possible.

It makes Wiggly Loaf real to the smart phone generation, it makes Wiggly Loaf, a thing. And now anyone in the free world who can hold a phone will no longer need to get weird, because now they can get Wiggly any time they want 24/7 night or day because BuildBox made it all possible.

Since the Wiggly Loaf game I have been making a series based on my knowledge of art history. I love the good stuff. Things like: Egypt, 15th century witchcraft woodcuts, Garden of Delights, Hindu Gods…

So far I self published 13 games total to Android and to iOS and there’s still a couple months left of being a first year newbie Boxer. I am now working on getting the games onto Amazon. It’s been an amazing learning experience, and it all feels like a miracle to be going from ideas and concept to finished game in such a short amount of time. I love being alive during the computer age. So empowering.

J.E.Moores ~

Wiggly Loaf iOS Game

Wiggly Loaf Game

Download Wiggly Loaf iOS game for iPhone and iPad

In my kitchen I have an old chalkboard where I like to write silly names for the food I cook. My family enters the room and can plainly see Bodarg-a-larg is being served this evening. After we clean up and everyone goes off to get ready for their next day, I like to draw something even sillier on the chalkboard, to be there for morning. You see, I tend to stay up late so I can do all the things that cartoonists do, so I’m not ever up in the morning. Instead I leave a funny cartoon of some sort in hopes I can lighten the morning load, give them a little warm amusing and often snarky reminder that Daddy loves them, and I still get to stay in my warm bed and sleep in. Cartooning allows me to be present like a good dad, as well as a very snug happy slug. Wiggly Loaf is one such critter that was born on that chalkboard, so it was only fitting that if I were to make a game based on the life and times of Wiggly Loaf, it should be set on a chalkboard… but how to do it?

I discovered a program called Doodly that makes infomercial style videos, you know, the kind with a hand drawing out the art or text, and the program has a chalkboard mode. I drew all my sprites using markers and a light table so they had the hand drawn quality, then I imported the ink drawings into Photoshop, exported PNG files to Doodly and simply screen captured the chalk style images. Then I had to Photoshop out the background so all I had left was the white chalk outlines as sprites for the game.

Making the sprites took me two 18 hour days, and I don’t take many breaks. I then spent the next 3 weeks learning BuildBox to create my game. I made tons of practice games, following all their tutorials step by step until I understood some of the program. BuildBox is so much fun. I enjoy making the game, so I work long hours. I’m really glad the way it came out.

Now the hardest part is hopping through all the hoops to get the game on the iOS app store. This is where our story begins. What will it take for us to get our good friend Wiggly Loaf on the iOS store? Let the crazy coding begin!

Download Wiggly Loaf iOS game for iPhone and iPad



For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.

Audrey Hepburn

Loaf Shop Is Open

Wiggly Loaf Shop

Global Press Release: Wiggly Loaf Shop is now open.

If your world needs more peace, love, empathy, and understanding, Wiggly Loaf is for you. Wiggly Loaf understands, and is there to help you feel better about yourself. Wiggly Loaf wants you to know you’re not alone, and we are all in this together. Wiggly Loaf just wants to protect you from all the things you fear, and always be there for you when you need a helping hand. In short, Wiggly Loaf wants to be your friend.

Wiggly Loaf can focus in on all the love that’s out there in the universe trying to find you, and Wiggly Loaf will help you draw it into your life. If your life needs any of these things, then you might need Wiggly Loaf.

We’ve got hand silk screened vintage fabric Wiggly Loaf plush toys, Classic Wiggly Loaf Don’t Get Weird Pendants, and the super fantastic ultra deluxe Wiggly Loaf Bowl Of Meat Game. I know, it’s hard to hold back so much excitement, but it’s true. Everything is hand made in Maine by J.E.Moores of ~ quantities are limited, order now so you don’t miss out.  Let loose the magic and comfort Wiggly Loaf will bring into your life. Don’t get weird, get Wiggly! Click below to see the stuff, and thank you!!!

Wiggly Loaf Shop