Wiggly Loaf 2020

Wiggly Loaf in face mask 2020
Wiggly Loaf for Android now on Google Play

Howdy, J. E. Moores here. Sheltering at home with Wiggly Loaf has given us some time to update the original Wiggly Loaf mobile game. Together we have come up with some nifty new characters for you to unlock and play in the latest game update. Here is a rundown on what’s new for Fall of 2020:

  • Wiggly Loaf 2020: He’s got a little face mask, but it’s hard to keep it on with all that hopping and jumping about.
  • Space Loaf: This character is visiting from the Wiggly Loaf in Space game.
    Loaf Pod: This is a strange contraption also making a guest appearance from the Wiggly Loaf in Space game.
    Wiggly Pride: Wiggly has no rules when it comes to love. Everyone is included.
  • Wiggly Parade: Wiggly Loaf struggles with body issues and low self esteem. When he does feel good, he wants to flaunt it all over in hopes to lift others up too. Happiness is contagious!
  • Vote for Wiggly: Imagine the power of one vote. Vote for love. Vote for Wiggly Loaf.
  • Leaf Loaf: This leaf blower is originally from the Wiggly Loaf spin off summer time lawnmower game called, Mow Mow. Now he’s blowing leaves all over this game too.
  • Devil Loaf: He’s got a flaming pitchfork and he’s evil, but not too evil. More like a cartoonish Hollywood evil, not evil evil.

The 2020 Wiggly Loaf update is a free download for: Android, iOS, and Windows PC.

Wiggly Loaf for Android now on Google Play

Mow Mow

Mow Mow the Lawnmower – indie mobile game by the J.E.Moores Game Machine.

Wiggly Loaf is so friendly even his lawnmower is his friend. You’ll love Mow Mow too. Have fun cutting grass and collecting coins. Mow Mow gets into lots of crazy arcade adventures and is available for Android on Google Play and iOS App Store for iPhone.

Each patch of grass gives Mow Mow a little heart icon for 3 seconds. Mow Mow can collect coins while that heart is there, but once it goes away Mow Mow must mow more grass to get that heart back. Mow Mow must mow grass, quickly collect coins, and get past each obstacle.

Spend your hard earned coins on yard equipment upgrades, and hire Wiggly Loaf helpers to grow Mow Mow’s booming landscape business. Click one of the icons below for a free download of Mow Mow. It’s time to mow the lawn.

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The Weird Heart of Wiggly Loaf

Hearts are strange things. They never do what you tell ’em. It’s as if they have a mind of their own. Wiggly Loaf knows a lot about hearts. He’s an expert at winning them over. Wiggly Loaf is so spongy soft you just want to hug and squeeze that little critter all day and night. Check out our Wiggly Loaf Contest – just click CONTEST above and you could win a plush Wiggly Loaf toy!

Wiggly Loaf Color Wheel

Wiggly Loaf Color Wheel for Android now on Google Play
Download Wiggly Loaf Color Wheel on the App Store

Now available at http://WigglyLoaf.com ~ a free download for iOS and Android.

Hey, it’s J.E.Moores. I’m down in the basement greasin’ up my Dirty Little Game Machine. Wiggly Loaf and I have been grinding and grinding for weeks until we’ve hand cranked out a new game for you all. It’s called Wiggly Loaf Color Wheel.

Yes! This is an action-packed mobile platformer but by the end of this game, you will have learned the essentials of color theory. (So I guess in a sneaky way, this is an educational game.)

You see, Wiggly Loaf lives inside your phone and can do all sorts of things we can’t even comprehend. With all kinds of colorful props and mind melting technology Wiggly Loaf makes learning the color wheel fun by creating little puzzles to challenge your brain. That’s right, this is YOUR BRAIN we’re talking about here, so listen up!

Wiggly Loaf will first show you the difference between primary, secondary, complementary, and analogous colors using interactive game play requiring your complete concentration and lightning fast decision making abilities.

Then you must apply your acquired knowledge of color theory to win the second half of the game. You know, the frantic physics-based platform game that is just waiting to drive you completely insane. I mean, who wants to be incompletely insane when you can drive just a little further? I say, go all the way with Wiggly Loaf Color Wheel!

Perfect game for anyone who loves the art room, or hates the art room. It doesn’t matter, I’m too tired to argue. Terrible game for the color blind. What can I say, it’s impossible to please everyone with a game based on color theory… but I digress.

Give the Wiggly Loaf Color Wheel a spin. If you’re looking for a game that is clever, indie, and different, this is it. If you’re wicked smart and enjoy knowing things (you know, like facts, or knowledge) this game was made for you. All ya gotta do is download it and play it. That’s the only way to find out if you like it, hate it, or LOVE it. I promise you one of the three. Guaranteed.

Please wash your paint brushes, put everything away, and clean up before you leave. Thanks for dropping by. J.E.Moores and Wiggly Loaf.


  • Hold the phone horizontal in your hands with both thumbs on the screen.
  • Drag and swipe your left thumb to make Wiggly Loaf move left and right.
  • Tap your right thumb to make Wiggly Loaf jump.
  • Follow directions. The game will tell you what to do.
  • When you get to the end, post your high score on the Wiggly Loaf Color Wheel Leader Board so the entire world knows how smart you are.

Wiggly Loaf Color Wheel is an indie game by solo developer J.E.Moores. Original Music by Rain Station. You can help me make games and become part of the process! Check out the goals I have set on my new patreon at: http://patreon.com/jemoores

Don’t Get Weird ~ Get Wiggly

Made with Buildbox

The kind folk over at Buildbox asked for a little information about their user base, but all I talked about was Wiggly Loaf. I sorta went off on a tangent, but I wanted to share what I wrote because I sometimes forget that most of the world doesn’t already know Wiggly Loaf yet. So this is a bit of the back story right from the heart.

Wiggly Loaf on iOS

Wiggly Loaf on Android

Jay Moores here. I am an arts and crafts counselor at a summer camp in Maine. I draw goofy comics with chalk on the chalkboard. Wiggly Loaf is our art studio mascot who is most often on our chalkboard saying things like, “Please wash your brushes!”

I’ve been teaching in the same arts and crafts room since 1986. Over the years Wiggly Loaf and I have seen a lot change. Attention span has changed. The staff I work with and the kids are all looking at their phone, or talking about a meme they saw on their phone.

Adults are always telling kids they are doing the wrong thing, but I try to not do that. I want them to know they can be themselves in the art room. I thought getting Wiggly Loaf on their phones would be a nice gesture. A way to reach out, meet them half way, and join them.

Buildbox allowed me to get Wiggly Loaf from the art room chalkboard onto iOS and Android without knowing any code. That act alone created a lot of inspiration from those who know me. The game looks like our chalkboard, and I left shout outs to my art room kids in the early version of the game. They were blown away, and then they provided me with more shout outs to publish on the game’s chalkboard to surprise their friends. It was awesome.

My job is not teaching arts and crafts. My job is to teach self esteem using art materials. Many of my students love the art room because they feel safe here. Their ideas are heard, and supported. If they mess something up, I always let them know they matter more than any wasted materials, and we move on.

Adults often forget and rant about how much stuff costs when they don’t see the value in the process of getting through failures. It’s that we move on and apply what we’ve learned from each mistake that is the process of success. In my art room Wiggly Loaf is part of that, because, “we don’t get weird, we get Wiggly”, and the kids love to be able to take a bit of this place with them.

If you were a kid who loved the art room at your school, church group, or camp, Wiggly Loaf is here for you. He’s so simple any one can draw him. He makes others feel like they can do it too. Wiggly Loaf frees them into believing they can make art because he is not intimidating. If he was complex and something no one else could draw, he’d lose all his appeal. Wiggly Loaf follows the keep it simple rule, and invites you to believe in yourself even if you’re not perfect. So much from so little! But that’s why it was so important to make Wiggly Loaf into a game.

If Wiggly Loaf can make it from the chalkboard to your iPhone, pretty much anything is possible.

It makes Wiggly Loaf real to the smart phone generation, it makes Wiggly Loaf, a thing. And now anyone in the free world who can hold a phone will no longer need to get weird, because now they can get Wiggly any time they want 24/7 night or day because BuildBox made it all possible.

Since the Wiggly Loaf game I have been making a series based on my knowledge of art history. I love the good stuff. Things like: Egypt, 15th century witchcraft woodcuts, Garden of Delights, Hindu Gods…

So far I self published 13 games total to Android and to iOS and there’s still a couple months left of being a first year newbie Boxer. I am now working on getting the games onto Amazon. It’s been an amazing learning experience, and it all feels like a miracle to be going from ideas and concept to finished game in such a short amount of time. I love being alive during the computer age. So empowering.

J.E.Moores ~ JEMoores.com